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    The hiring process, as it exists today, could be highly inefficient and ineffective, leading to a host of problems for the HR team and in-turn to the project team in an organisation. Essentially, "Right choice for the Right Job" is at the heart of the hiring process, but beyond a point, it can get to be overwhelming. Greater effectiveness can be achieved by intelligently managing this choice.

In most organisations, the process of hiring is like a circus, tt’s bizarre, chaotic and unpredictable! This starts with the Job Descriptionb defintiion! The recruitment process can be time consuming and expensive! An ineffective hiring can be frustrating for managers and damaging for the organisation.

Welcome to the new concept in hiring... TekChek!!

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  • More time, which means, long duration, in evaluating the candidates for short-list

  • Shortlist candidates not available when called for the next round of interview

  • Technical team, hired to do other specialised jobs, spending time in doing the evaluation

  • Candidates in high demand lost due to long recruitment cycle

  • Potential candidates' expecatation goes up as the interview levels progress

  • Hiring costs get higher and masked, due to expensive internal technical team utilization

  • Visible reduction in excitement of the tech team after the initial euphoria
  • TekChek

          TekChek is a unique concept and solution envisaged by Industry veterans for organizations spending considerable cost and time in achieving the "Right candidate for the Right Job" objective. Working as a Technical Evaluation Team, TekChek provides impartial and quantifiable candidate selection for organizations by the TekChekGurus. With a grade based system, the solution enables the individual hiring groups in the organization to focus on the advanced level of scrutiny than on the initial screening/ evaluation, which according to the industry, is considerable part of the overall hiring process for both HR and the project teams.

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