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TekChek provides solution envisaged by Industry veterans for organizations spending considerable cost and time in achieving the "Right candidate for the Right Job" objective. Working as a Technical Evaluation Team, TekChek provides impartial and quantifiable candidate selection for organizations by the TekChekGurus.

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  • Reqruiters spend more time, which means, long duration, in evaluating the candidates for short-list
  • Shortlist candidates not available when called for the next round of interview
  • Candidates in high demand lost due to long recruitment cycle
  • Hiring costs get higher and masked, due to expensive internal technical team utilization
  • Visible reduction in excitement of the tech team after the initial euphoria
  • Tekchek will play a major role in the job-search activity.
  • TekChek would help candidates in assessing themslves on what they think they know!